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Edmond Burke says, “All that matters for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing.”
Ephesians 4:25 Therefore, having put away falsehood, let each one of you speak the truth with his neighbor, for we are members one of another.
Motivation to expose the perpetrators here is to both lift the burden that their actions imposed upon my wife,
and to make all that view this site aware so that the promise of their future being taken by cruel and unprincipled people or businesses, as was ours, can be avoided!

In 2011, I became aware that the stress, endured while BAE Systems was "punishing" me for speaking the truth and my son Eric was stealing my retirement funds and my home, had critically affected my kidneys(now 30% functional), but recently found it also closed arteries to my heart, requiring two heart operations to save my life!

My wife (Ally) bears the burden of these perpetrator's evil deeds. Slowly, but surely, it is wearing her down. She is 65, I am 81. While able, I must do all that I can to find help to relieve her of that burden so she may live a life with a reasonable chance of acheiving her hopes and dreams.(see also "About My Wife"and "About Me") #ElderLivesMatter

I am painfully aware that a major cause in my present suffering was due to the "blind" trust I gave my son attempting to help him, and adhering to the ideas that hard work, doing your best, and honesty were respected and still valid in the U.S. I believed so much in these ethics, and the importance of my work as it related to the safety of our troops, that I didn’t even take a honeymoon, and many nights worked at home without compensation to improve the database software that I was creating and updating. Now those days and times, which I should have had with my dear wife, are gone forever and have been replaced with fear, ill health, and despair. How stupid those who may read this must think I am! Since the birth of the Tea Party, spouting lies and the demeaning of others seem to be the way to succeed. It seems that today, the majority are eager to believe the worst about others rather than truth and the best. If I had been greedy and dishonest like the perpetrators described here, we would not be in this situation. But I could not bring myself to do that, so it is a mute point!

August 7, 2014 In the last few weeks, our finacial situation has turned disasterous! Our rent has been raised $90/month. We were unable to save our cat Lily. She has passed away. We used money for my my meds and other essentials to pay to have her cremated. We miss het so much! Click here to view a tribute to her memory.

I have opened a fund to enable us to survive, please click to go there and help!

Click to see our current finances  If anyone can provide me work or could help in any way, please Contact us!

My wife is suffering serious health consequences by working so hard and stressing over finances. She has frequent chronic migraine headaches. Also due to our finances, she keeps putting off brain surgery to remove the tumor exposed when she suffered a "mini stroke" on my last day at BAE on 10/28/2008.(ref page 10 of The BAE Systems Report). At some point she will need that surgery.

More and more, it seems true that only the rich, the powerful, or those that commit a heinous crime receive justice!

In 2004, I came out of retirement to accept a position as a consultant in the SW Test Department at BAE Systems, Santa Clara, CA to save additional funds for my retirement, as I would soon be married. I moved from my home in Oregon to San Jose, CA. We were married in November of 2005. We agreed to continue living in an old, cramped apartment to save money for our future hone in Washington State.

On October 24, 2008, I was forced out of my position as Consultant SW Test/ DBA within the SW Test Department at BAE Systems, Santa Clara, CA. My contract was cancelled illegally. This was a result of a department takeover engineered by Jim Drehs, prodded by Tom Cravens, and sanctioned by Liz Raia. Eventually all of the most experienced and tenured employees were forced out, as they had all informed management about the situation that had the potential to endanger our troops.

During my attempt to correct my contract termination, the SW Test Department used the legal system to severely punish me – finding ways to force me to spend more and more money to keep the case going, until I was no longer financially able. It is apparent that the motivation for the punishment was due to a full and detailed report, of the department takeover, that I had written and submitted to BAE Systems in August 2009, pursuant to finding that the last of the most experienced employees had been terminated.

At this point, sick with stress related very high blood pressure – nearly passing away from it, I signed a paper under great duress, with strong urging from my attorney, Trevor Zinc, thus ending the case. I received not much more than enough to pay my attorney fees.

As far as BAE Systems goes, I believe that what happened occurred locally, unknown to corporate. Corporate policy states that it does not allow such behavior.

The way that I was let go from BAE Systems gave me no chance for re-employment; I could provide no references – all my former fellow employees were told that they could not contact me, nor could they respond to me.

While completely preoccupied by all of the above, my son managed to steal my retirement savings and my home in Washington State.

This left my wife and me in extreme financial hardship. At one point, we came very close to being homeless!

It has taken me several years to be strong enough – both physically and mentally – to take a stand to reveal the details of all that happened to me and others as a result of the actions that these aforementioned BAE employees, and my son took. But, during September and October 2013, I had two heart operations. Prior to that, I knew that the aforementioned stress-related high blood pressure had damaged my kidneys, but it, and the ufair restrictions and added hardship imposed by IRS went much further. Now the medications that I must take set us in even deeper financial hardship. At times I have thoughts that it would be better for my wife had I not had the operations and passed away. I had more tests in January 2014 to determine the efficacy of the heart operations, and they were all positive. But the current (July 2014) worsened financial stress is making me ill again. I am losing sleep. I have lost 11 pounds in the past two months. I daily fight depression and hopelessness.

By completing this website, I hope also to achieve some of the following:

1. To get financial and/or legal help to relieve the financial hardship that has been imposed upon my wife, so that she can live her life free of its burden.

2. To recover my honor.

3. To alert others as to what bad things can happen when people, who are aware that something is very wrong, choose to look the other way.

4. To expose several predatory businesses that seem to continuously get away with screwing the American public. These are: "The Art Institute of Pittsburgh -online", "JK Harris", "WorldMark by Wyndham", and "BuyaTimeshare.com". Links to pages regarding these businesses, as well as IRS, may be accessed from the "About Me" page.

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