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Overview – an overview of this website - its motivation, purpose and, goals.

BAE Systems - details about how our lives were all but taken away by unconscionable perpetrators at BAE Systems.

BAE Report Docs - overview of all documents related to The BAE Systems Report, links to each one, and to the report itself.

Eric Gundlach - overview of the abuse suffered upon us by my son.

Eric Gundlach Report - overview of all documents related to The Eric Gundlach Report, links to each one, and to the report itself.

About My Wife – a very caring and loving woman whose future has been permanently compromised by the perpetrators described herein.

About Me – an overview of my beliefs, aspirations, accomplishments, and failures, as well as important related links.

President Ford - saving the President's life from Sarah Jane Moore's assassination attempt.

Music - my family's history in music.

Our Cats - Alex and Lily, how they saved my life when I was wanting to end it.   Alex - about "The Boss", my oldest cat.   Lily - in memory of our loveable, talking cat.

The Art Institute of Pittsburgh - how my attendance there further destroyed my financial situation - if you can't find work and need help with your Federal Student Loan, you will not get any, especially if you are a senior, as even if you are unable to work, they will take it from your retirement and thus make it impossible to exist.

IRS and JK Harris - How the IRS can ruin lives, and how comp[anies like JK Harris prey on people having problems with IRS, steal their money, and get away with it!

WorldMark by Wyndham and BuyaTimeshare.com - WorldMark by Wyndham, the good and the bad, and the BuyaTimeshare.com organization scam. Beware of both!

Bucket List - A Bucket List that will never be realized.

Photos - showing the damage done to our home by a tenant that my son rented to, without due diligence, and all the work that we put into repairs.

Journal – Periodic (sometimes daily) entries of my thoughts and comments - added information and information not appearing elsewhere - words reflecting on the nearing of the end of my life journey that may help others with theirs. My heart and kidney health will also be updated there.

Contact – a form for you to contact us.

Sociopaths – information regarding sociopaths – knowledge that could save your career or your life.

Correspondence with my Congressional Representative – requesting help. Listed under (IRS Links).

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