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Show Me the Way from San Jose Some Poems and Prose Poems I Wrote by charlyGun
Blue Rain HAIKU (Feb 2016)
Rain is falling now.
The sound once very calming,
now I just feel sad.

Eating Trout (Feb 2016)
Once a week, I eat trout
It is not like the beautiful trout
illuminated by tomb lights
in the long ago read book
“In Watermelon Sugar”
It is most times served cold,
always in a Styrofoam box.
There is a cracking sound
as I cut off a piece to put in my mouth.

(Not mine, just how I feel)
Small Town in a Snowstorm
by Bruce Holland Rogers
It’s late. The pen sleeps in my hand, and tonight I feel like a small town in a snowstorm. Near the town square the traffic lights flash red in four directions; no one sees them. The snow is too deep to walk through, falls too densely for anyone to see across the street, but no one’s looking anyway. The storefront windows and windows of the houses are dark. Someone far away is trying to make a telephone ring in one of the dark rooms, but the storm has downed all the phone wires near the heart. The caller keeps dialing, and the impulse to make the bell ring keeps bleeding from the end of the broken wire into the snow. Snow falls thicker than ever, piles deeper, and the darkness inside the windows grows darker still.

Alone (Feb 2016)
Lonely, living with someone
is lonelier than living alone.

Politico1 - Trump (Feb 2016)
Trump, Tromp, Trumpet.
Blow hard, Blow loudly.
Spread fear, anger and hate.

Christian anyone? Born again?

Some think him strong, can get Congress working
But one can only wonder - to what end?

Politico2 – Send Money (Feb 2016)
Help us elect a Democratic Congress.
Then we can help you - Social Security, health reform,
student loans and voting rights.
Begging, PLEASE! Deadline!

Many times I sent money (mostly small smounts),
but my one time urgent plea for help to my
Congressional Rep
was ignored  – and it felt like crap.
Seems not about people anymore;
politics UBER all seems more like where it’s at!
Copyright 2015. All rights reserved.
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